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We knew each other’s rhythms. We could finish each other’s sentences.

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**HIMYM SPOILERS** My take/rant on the How I Met Your Mother series finale


To everyone who has been saying
“You can’t hate an ending because your ship didn’t work out” or “The show is just being realistic,” I’m sorry but I cannot accept those excuses.

Robin’s character was so perfect in how she wanted to be successful but she also wanted love. The finale taught us that…


In other news Jane Austen reveals that Darcy and Elizabeth divorced three years after the end of “Pride and Prejudice” Lydia dies and Lizzie and Wickham get married.


It’s okay to still be in love with your ex girlfriend throughout your whole marriage because your wife might die and you can finally get the girl


If you’re gonna do 22 episodes to set up a marriage, you can’t have them divorce 15 minutes into the 23rd episode. If the divorce was the endgame, don’t do that format for the season.


Twilight: a better love story than how i met your mother.

It basically showed us that, regardless of what we though and regardless of what we saw over the last 9 years, at the end of the day, these characters didn’t change. It showed us that Ted reverted back to his pilot self, going back to Robin. It had Barney revert back to his old self, and Robin be excluded from the gang. And it used the mother as a prop to tell the story of “how Ted fell in love with aunt Robin.” That, to me, is a bit of a slap in the face to the fans of the show.

The Finale told a completely different story than what I have been watching for the last 9 years. I much prefer the idea that these people grew towards the meeting of the mother. Not just Ted. All of them. They could’ve still had her die, without ruining the essence of the show. It’s not like it wasn’t doable. It’s just not what they did.


I just watched the HIMYM finale. My verdict: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas should refrain from making anything for television for a while. And by a while I mean for indefinitely a very long time.

The ending was horrible, and in many ways extremely insensitive. The whole point of the show was how…


I think the problem here is that they had planned that ending since 2005 and they didn’t realized that this characters changed through the years. Maybe in 2005 that ending had perfect sense but not in 2014. They were so focused on using that little fragment they filmed with the kids 9 years ago that they didn’t realize this ending doesn’t have any sense whatsoever



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I feel like…the reason that nine seasons of HIMYM, eight and a half of which we never saw the mother in, were meaningful because the audience operated under the assumption that Ted and the mother would have this beautiful romance. That they would have this wonderful life together, and that this…

How I Met Your Mother finale


I’m not upset because I think the show should have shown Ted and Tracey living happily ever after. And I don’t think it’s the fact that Tracey died that have people so outraged. That is story-telling, it’s fine. It’s the fact that her death was a two-second clip. They made us care about her and…

How I Met Your Mother: Finale & Sexism


  1. Let’s have Barney bang 31 women in one month and have the last one get pregnant
  2. Let’s never see this woman and use her only as a vessel to give Barney a daughter.
  3. Let’s use this baby girl to return to Barney the character development we ripped away within the first 20 minutes of the episode.